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Physiotherapy helps to restore a pain-free life, strengthen health, maintain work capacity, develop good posture and movement skills, and good psycho-emotional well-being.

  • Consultation
  • An individual physiotherapy procedure
  • An individual physical therapy seesion in the exercise hall
  • A group physical therapy session in the exercise hall
  • Kinesiological taping
  • Pain relief with a Tens machine
During the consultation, SANUS MOTUS physiotherapists consider a patient’s complaints, assess an impaired function, and individually select the physiotherapy methods, massage techniques and physical exercises to treat the health disorder; they also develop a “home” program, provide the recommendations based on a patient’s age, health condition and nature of work, and repeatedly assess a patient’s condition after the treatment.
Our physiotherapists will help to improve your health by applying movement therapy for various health problems:
  • in the case of chronic muscle pain and tension, the causes of pain and physical activities that provoke the pain are assessed, and the methods for restoring muscle structure and function are selected (trigger point therapy, taping, electrostimulation).
  • in the case of the spine structure disorders (e.g. intervertebral hernia, vertebral instability), functional stability of the spine as well as a variety of movements are lost, thus recovery is based on trunk stability exercises that combine a coordinated work of muscles, spine and the nervous system.
  • in the presence of the elbow, shoulder, knee, hip joint, tendons and ligament injuries
  • in the case of an irregular and ineffective posture that limits daily activities, appropriate exercises are selected to restore the balance of the body muscles, a patient is taught how to properly activate particular muscle groups that have lost their function due to prolonged tension or a lack of movement.
  • after immobilizations, orthopedic surgeries and injuries to develop and improve functional skills for optimizing leisure and sports activities
  • in the case of insufficient general physical activity or insufficient daily movement, related to the nature of occupational activities, when the conditions for movement diversity are not provided. Then individual, pair or group physiotherapy sessions in the exercise hall, with a physiotherapist’s supervision are recommended.
An individual physiotherapy procedure
Therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage are applied to restore fascial structure, trigger point therapy is applied to reduce muscle tension, and manual abdominal plastic is applied to regulate the work of abdominal organs. These techniques, applied by a physiotherapist, restore the structure and function of the damaged body areas, and improve blood and lymph circulation. The procedure ends with selection of the target therapeutic physical exercises and quality movement training. Safe and regular exercises, performed with supervision of a physiotherapist, help to connect the muscles of an injured area to the integral body movement biomechanics, and form the perception of correct movement. To increase the effect of treatment, electrostimulation procedures, the method of kinesiological taping as well as aromatherapy, homeopathy and supplement therapy are employed.
An individual physical therapy seesion in the exercise hall
An individual physiotherapy session in the exercise hall is performed after the consultation with a physiotherapist, when it is necessary to restore, correct and strengthen an impaired function or in the case of insufficient general physical activity. The session takes place in the exercise hall with one patient completing an individually developed corrective exercise program under the supervision of a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist ensures safe and correct performance of exercises, and forms the perception of quality movement. The exercises are performed on unstable surfaces – planes, large and small balls, which not only train coordination and balance, but also strengthen the deep trunk muscles, thus forming a stable axis of the body.
The sessions are recommended for those who suffer from chronic neck, shoulder girdle or low back pain, and those with disc herniation, osteochondrosis, irregular posture, and injured muscles, tendons, ligaments or joints.
A group physical therapy session in the exercise hall
For those who want to move healthily and do exercises correctly, we offer physiotherapy sessions in the exercise hall 2-3 times per week. The groups are formed based on similarities of health disorders, patients’ physical capacity, age, and separately for men and women.
Muscle toning exercises are performed in small groups, focusing on the exercise quality and selecting the movements that strengthen weak areas of the neck, shoulder girdle, abdomen and back. The exercises performed with rubbers, unstable surfaces (planes, balls) and own body weight raise muscle endurance, strength, joint flexibility, improve movement coordination, and make deep muscles work.
Patients are referred to group sessions after a consultation with a physiotherapist, when a long-term effect is sought after a course of individual sessions. Group sessions are also recommended to people who need a supportive and strengthening physical activity regime after rehabilitation or treatment in a sanatorium, and in the following cases:
  • insufficient general physical activity
  • insufficient daily movement, related to the nature of occupational activities, when the conditions for movement diversity are not provided
  • for strengthening weak muscles when doing a sedentary work
  • when suffering from chronic spine and joint pain
  • when suffering from muscle fatigue and tension
  • in the presence of postural changes
  • women after childbearing.
The sessions are recommended to those who want to improve their health, maintain working capacity, develop good posture and movement skills, and improve psycho-emotional well-being.
Kinesiological taping
Kinesiological tape is a 100% cotton patch that, by employing a special methodology, is applied to a sore, traumatized body area to reduce inflammation, pain, and remove the fluid that has accumulated in the affected area. The tape can be worn for 3-5 days; it is water resistant and dries quickly. The applied tape is elastic and allows full amplitude of movement because it does not restrict movements of the affected area, but stabilizes the area affected by a trauma or chronic pain and strengthens the tissues. The results of kinesiological taping are fast and effective, the physiological healing processes are mobilized throughout 24 hours.
Kinesiological tape can be helpful in the following cases:
  • for pain therapy in the presence of joint aches, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, rheumatic and chronic head and back aches
  • for activating lymphatic drainage to eliminate swelling after an injury or a trauma and to reduce limb lymphedema or postsurgical lymphostasis
  • in orthopedics – in the presence of shoulder impingement syndrome, tennis elbow, etc.
  • in the presence of some visceral organ problems, for instance, for activating intestinal peristalsis
Pain relief with a Tens machine
It is a physiotherapy procedure to reduce acute or chronic pain. Tens refers to stimulation of nerves by using gentle electrical impulses. It is a non-invasive and non-drug pain relief technique.
Effects of the procedures:
  • pain relief
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • improved blood circulation
  • reduced swelling
The physiotherapy procedures are applied:
  • for pain relief in the presence of the spine and large joints degenerative disorders
  • for activating the healing processes after bone fractures – for pain relief
  • for restoring soft tissue lesions (hematoma, edema, muscle tension, tendon and ligament lesions)
  • after the peripheral nerve damage
  • after orthopedic surgery


Individual physiotherapy session in the hall

30 min.

35 €

60 min.

40 €

Individual physiotherapy procedure

up to 30 min.

35 €

up to 50 min.

45 €

up to 90 min.

65 €

Physiotherapy classes in a group

8 times, 2 times a week,

55 min.

55 €

Physiotherapy session for two people in the hall

55 min.

25 €/p.p.

A group physical therapy session in the exercise hall

12 times, 3 times a week,

55 min.

70 €

A group physical therapy session in the exercise hall

1 time

15 €

Taping with kinesiology tape

one area

20 €

Pain relief with a TENS machine (10 – 15 min.)

*electrodes are not included in the price

15 min.

15 €

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