Health procedures

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Health procedures

Procedures for health and well-being are not limited to elimination of aesthetic imperfections. They also cover harmonization of the body as a whole system by combining stimulation of the natural physiological body functions and restoration of one’s emotional balance.

  • LPG lymphatic drainage massage
  • Relaxing full body massage
LPG lymphatic drainage massage
Massage with the LPG Lipo M6 device is a patented massage technique with a strong lymphatic and circulatory strengthening effect. During the massage, the excess fluid in the tissues and organs is removed. It reduces swelling and edema, both after injuries and in the presence of chronic diseases, restores impaired blood circulation in the affected areas. The massage is recommended in the case of weak venous circulation and as an additional treatment in the initial stage of varicose veins. The massage improves blood flow to arteries, facilitates its outflow to veins and relaxes tense muscles because the fluids accumulated in the tissues, as well as tense muscles, interfere with normal blood circulation. The massage improves the supply of oxygen to tissues by restoring blood vessel radius.
This procedure is very helpful to those who suffer from headaches, weak immunity or chronic fatigue syndrome because it removes the toxins accumulated in the intercellular medium, lymph vessels and lymph nodes, and actively detoxifies the body.
By vacuuming, the deep layers of the skin are sucked into the massager and massaged with rotating rollers, which smoothes and tightens the skin, restores the skin structure in the presence of cellulite, gently corrects body lines and prevents skin sagging when losing weight.
In the case of chronic neck, lumbar and joint pain, the supply of nutrients to the muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons is restored, and the aging processes are stopped. For those who do active sports or hard physical work, this device provides effective muscle relaxation and mobilization, thus helping to prevent injuries and recover after the physical load.
Relaxing full body massage
A relaxing massage with essential oils helps to restore spiritual, emotional and physical balance. Light, soothing massage movements combined with the effect of essential oils create inner harmony, balance the work of the body systems, activate mental activity and concentration.
The massage is recommended to highly sensitive people because it reduces tension headaches, shoulder girdle and back restraints, it is also helpful to those who have restless sleep, hard and long mental work, when rest does not eliminate body fatigue.


LPG lymphatic drainage full body massage

55 min.

55 €

LPG lymphatic drainage of the legs, buttocks and abdomen

45 min.

50 €

Relaxing full body massage

90 min.

75 €

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